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closeup view from inside the galvanized steel air duct on the exhaust fan in the backgroun

Extract Compliance Ltd

Professional cleaning and maintenance of Air Supply Ductwork Ventilation And Kitchen extraction systems.

What we do

We provide  Air and Hygiene solutions for Pubs - Restaurants - Hotels - Care homes - Commercial / Industrial Premises throughout the UK. Specialising in planned preventative maintenance services such as kitchen extraction cleaning – Commercial deep cleaning and Ventilation maintenance and repairs. Our workforce has a wealth of experience within the air hygiene industry, we aim to provide a friendly and professional, and fully compliant service to new and existing customers, we also understand and actively practice a robust Health and Safety policy specifically for your environment.
We are a independent business with national coverage regularly working with clients of extensive educational, healthcare, and leisure facilities.
All works we undertake are carried out to comply with all current compliance regulations and are certified on completion and backed by our industry-recognized reporting.

PPM Services

Standards and guidelines We follow.

All our work is carried out in accordance with the following standards and guidelines.

BS EN 15780: 2011 Ventilation for building ductwork, cleanliness of ventilation systems.

BESA TR/19: Internal cleanliness of ventilation systems.

BESCA TR/19 L/2: Newly updated standard for grease extraction systems.

HTM 03-01: Health Technical Memorandum: Specialised ventilation and ductwork for healthcare premises.

HSG 202: General ventilation in the workplace, guidance for employers. 

Compliant reporting - Industry standard documentation

All our clients receive a detailed post-clean report, for each location, showing before and after images and highlighting any areas of concern. We also provide a certificate to provide the necessary assurances to insurers.

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