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Maintenance Services

Ventilation maintenance services


Extract Compliance 

Professional cleaning and maintenance of Air Supply Ductwork Ventilation and Kitchen extraction systems.
Close-up shot of flaps of fire damper..jpg

Fire Damper Testing & Inspections

We undertake statutory fire damper inspections and annual fire damper testing as per BESA VH001. Our competent engineers can clean & inspect fire dampers during fire damper testing and can undertake fire damper remedials as required.

Commercial Fan Replacement Service

24/7 Fan replacement service from single to 3 phase units available our fully qualified engineers are on hand to ensure that your system continues to run efficiently preventing sudden breakdown. 


Grey Outdoor AC Condenser Unit.jpg
Close-up view of the modern big dimensions ductwork installed on the ceiling of the ventil

Ductwork Installation & Repair Services

Fully bespoke installation services for both kitchen extraction and clean air ventilation systems.

Partial system repair and replacement services also available along with kitchen extraction ductwork resealing and leak prevention.

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