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Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

TR19 kitchen ventilation cleaning service  Fully bespoke service to suit the requirements of your business.

TR19 Industry Standard - Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

Kitchen extract cleaning is important to maintain the safety of those in the workplace. The majority of catering establishments feature a canopy extraction system within the kitchen to control the build-up of heat, steam, and grease emissions in the cooking area.

Our Post Clean Reporting

  1. Pre and post-clean photographic records of ventilation and ductwork cleaning

  2. Pre and post-clean Wet Film Thickness Test (WFTT)

  3. COSH data on any chemicals used

  4. Recommendations for future cleaning requirements

  5. ​Any inaccessible sections of the kitchen extract system need to be highlighted and presented accordingly within a comprehensive post clean report.

Our reports are industry recognized and are to be Produced to your insurance as evidence that you are maintaining your system to a fully compliant standard TR19.

Kitchen extension cleaning
Kitchen extension cleaning
Kitchen extension cleaning
Kitchen extension cleaning

Kitchen ductwork and Ventilation cleaning

Kitchen extract systems have an increased fire, odour, vermin and hygiene risk compared to general air supply and extract. This is due to the grease build-up and general deposition of cooking oils acting as a potential ignition source. Kitchen extract cleaning is essential to minimise these risks, as stipulated by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Requirements for cleaning ventilation systems

Kitchen extension cleaning
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